Do I get a license?

BEAT 101 is a State approved program that is recognized by both the State of Maryland but, also Industry wide qualifications met  for Pro-Cards, Industry events, as well as proving your Certified Makeup Artist status to qualify for employment within the industry. Licensing is no longer required however, our certification stands as proof that you have been trained properly and met the industry standard for certification. 

What will you learn?

In this 40 hour program, you will learn basic skincare, facial techniques, highlighting & contouring, strip and cluster lash application, and much more! With the skills learned in this class, and self-confidence, you will be proficient and prepared with the skills needed to start servicing your clients…

What is included with the class?

Your kit includes everything you need to complete class successfully and, get started as you build your professional kit as a Pro MUA! You’ll have the skills needed to make wise investments as you begin your career with a few great tools at hand to get your off on your way! 


What will a grad do with this knowledge when they graduate?

 With your certification, you will qualify to seek employment with any beauty product retailer, cosmetics brand/line, or prepare to open your own studio. Again, you’ll have the skill, now you just need to be CONFIDENT and step out there and JUST DO IT!!! ☺

Do we offer Financial Aide?

There ARE some grants available through the State of Maryland, local organizations, and programs. Check with your local, city, and State or, our website for additional information. 

Is testing done at State Board?

All testing and certifications are performed on our premises. 

Is this class good for a “Hands On” kind of person?

YES! We have added something for every type of learner AND created ways to stretch YOU out of your comfort zone! ;-)